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Each story shows how Jesus’ character was shaped. These fictional tales of Jesus align with the character of the man we see in scripture. They’re a backstory to the New Testament gospels and detail the classic hero’s journey.


4 Book Series

Jesus’ Silent Years is a four-volume series of historical novels, written in modern language for modern people (not using ancient-speak).

These novels have one focus, Jesus of Nazareth. They paint contrasting stories from different points of view about Jesus. 



Jesus works as a common tradesman, but with uncommon abilities.  He grows into and through the tasks of young adults in this four-book series.  

We journey with Jesus as he stumbles and recovers from failures.  He’s pushed to his limits with sexual temptation, anger, depression, and doubt—yet stays true to his calling.



Jesus did not speak without telling parables. He told stories of good people who went bad; bad people who went good; stories with sad outcomes and glad ones.

He taught by contrast: this is a good person, that is a bad one. He didn’t lecture. He told stories.



Journey, volume three, walks alongside Jesus in his mid-twenties. These adventure stories are set inside the Italy, modern day Albania, Cyprus, and Egypt.

Journey showcases a growing Jesus who deals with authority, regulates his moods, deals with abuse, and balances love with loss.



Homecoming, volume four, takes Jesus back to Israel from Egypt in his late twenties. We walk with him, and his friends, through the desert. We witness the slow healing of one friend, Slow, who’s been fractured into many parts by childhood sexual abuse.

We see the ambivalence of Barabbas (aka Rabbus), teetering on the brink of following Jesus or giving into his desire for revenge.

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