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Jesus’ Silent Years: 4 Book Series

Jesus’ Silent Years is a four-volume series of historical novels, written in modern language for modern people (not using ancient-speak).
These novels have one focus, Jesus of Nazareth. They paint contrasting stories from different points of view about Jesus.
More than one storyline designed to complexify his person, nuance his character.
Tales from good and bad folks smack up against each other.
Each story shows how Jesus’ character was shaped. These fictional tales of Jesus align with the character of the man we see in scripture. They’re a backstory to the New Testament gospels and detail the classic hero’s journey.

Vance Shepperson

Vance Shepperson is a 3rd generation Presbyterian preacher’s son.  He attended schools in England, Switzerland, Illinois, and Florida.  He earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1977 and worked as an Air Force psychologist, assistant professor at a doctoral program in California, and ran a psychotherapy practice with his wife. 

Bethyl Joy and Vance served as missionaries in southwest China for five years, teaching counseling skills for another California university’s overseas graduate program.  They have also lived in the Lake District of the UK, New Zealand’s south island; and now, the Big Island of Hawaii, where they still practice psychotherapy… but mainly write stuff.

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