Jesus’ Silent Years Book 3: Journey

Journey, volume three, walks alongside Jesus in his mid-twenties. These adventure stories are set inside the Italy, modern day Albania, Cyprus, and Egypt.



Jesus’ life follows the classic path of the hero. He begins in an unremarkable mudhole, unknown and innocent, in Foundations. Then, he steadily moves downwards into the mainstream of growing up— leaving home, wrestling with his own unique God-man identity.

Suffering and loss carve out an interior life for him in volume two, Parable, and this volume three, Journey. Finally, he shows us all how to listen to the world of the spirit—adorned with the jewels of wisdom, compassion, and courageous vulnerability.

Journey stories the lowest point in the life of any hero. He hits bottom. He’s imprisoned and sexually abused in a Roman dungeon. He learns to mourn and fight new battles, within and without. Claudia, the friend who adores him and whom he loves, is exiled in the Adriatic. She follows a parallel course of growth through suffering while longing for Jesus. Both continue to mature by failing, falling, and then rising again, stronger.

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